PhD Candidate,
Department of Computer Science, University of Georgia
My awesome advisor: Professor Hamid R. Arabnia
I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with the most talented people of the community and in the following roles:
-Senior Data Scientist - Conversation Designer and NLP Analyst,
PNC Bank, Charlotte, NC.
-Data Scientist - Deep Learning,
NEC Labs, Cupertino, CA.
-Data Scientist - Natural Language Processing ,
Fujitsu Labs, Sunnyvale, CA.
-Software Engineer/Data Engineer,
Citrix Systems Inc. Santa Barbara, CA.


Research Interests:
- Machine Learning,
- Natural Language Processing(NLP),
- Sentiment analysis on social networks,
- Big Data Analytics.

  • Sep. 2020: Our paper: "Deep SAS: A Deep Signature-based API Specification Learning approach" is accepted at IEEE SMC'20 conference. 
  • May. 2020: Teaching Software Development in Java at the University of Georgia CS department for the Summer 2020 semester.
  • Jan. 2020: Our patent: METADATA-BASED API ATTRIBUTE EXTRACTION" has been granted by USPTO.
    The patent was submitted in collaboration with Fujitsu Labs
  • Jun. 2019: I am invited to be a reviewer for the AMIA 2020 Summit.
  • Jan. 2019: Our patent: "DEEP LEARNING APPROACH FOR BATTERY AGING MODEL" has been granted by USPTO.
    The patent was submitted in collaboration with NEC Labs.
  • Oct. 2018: My paper on "Temporal Modeling Using LSTM Networks" is accepted as a short paper at ICMLA'18 conference(%14 acceptance rate!).
    This paper is in collaboration with NEC Labs.
  • Sep. 2018: Joined Computational Microbiology Laboratory as a research assistant. I will be working with professor Jan Mrazek.
  • Jul. 2018: I am selected to receive Insight Data Science Fellowship for the Health Data Science Program.
  • Jul. 2018: Serving as a reviewer for the AMIA 2019 Informatics Summit.
  • Jun. 2018: Joined Fujitsu Labs as a Data Science Research Intern.
  • Apr. 2018: Our paper "Big data deep neural network to analyze adverse vaccine reactions”  is among AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit Chair's Favorite Papers.
  • Mar. 2018: I will be serving as a Program Committee Member at INAIT'19 conference which is  held in the University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom from August 19-20, 2019.
  • Jan. 2018: Started serving as a technical reviewer at IEEE ICCA'18  Conference.
  • Dec. 2017: Started to work as Data Science Research Intern at NEC Labs.
  • Dec. 2017: We have a Podium Abstract accepted at AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit.
  • Nov. 2017: I was selected to receive the Grimes Family Distinguished Graduate Fellowship in Natural Sciences for the 2017 - 2018 academic year!
  • Nov. 2017: I was selected to receive POOIA student Scholarship for the 2017 - 2018 academic year!
  • Oct. 2017: We have our bigNN and MLlib papers accepted at IEEE BigData'17 (%17.8 acceptance rate).
  • Sep. 2017: Started serving as a technical reviewer at Journal of Computational Science,  Elsevier.
  • Sep. 2017: Joined the program committee at KDD bigdas'17 workshop.
  • Sep. 2017: Started serving as a committee member at AIPR'17 conference.
  • Jul. 2017: Serving as a reviewer at Journal of Supercomputing.
  • Mar. 2017: We have a workshop proposal accepted at KDD, the world's largest community for data mining. Please visit bigdas@KDD2017.
  • Sep. 2017: Started serving as a technical reviewer at EEETEM'17 conference.
  • Aug. 2016: Started my PhD in the Dept. of Computer Science, University of Georgia. I will be working with Professor Hamid Arabnia and Professor Juan Gutierrez as a member of the Biomathematics Research Group(BRG).
  • Apr. 2016: Received Honorable Mention from Montana State University CS Department in the academic year 2015-2016.
  • Oct. 2015: Received a Best Paper Finalist Award for a paper entitled "An Experimental Evaluation of Apple Siri and Google Speech Recognition"which was developed under supervision of Professor Clemente Izurieta and Professor Mike Wittie of Montana State University. The award was conferred at the 24th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering (SEDE).
  • Apr. 2015: My paper entitled "Impact of Network Performance on Cloud Speech Recognition" is accepted in ICCCN'15 conference (%25 acceptance rate).
  • May. 2013: Joined Citrix Systems Inc. as Software Engineer Intern for Summer 2013.
  • Sep. 2012: Joined Dept. of Computer Science, Montana State University as a graduate research assistant. I will be working at the Networks lab with Professor Mike Wittie.